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is Quincy McCall a real person?

is Quincy McCall a real person?
is Quincy McCall a real person?

is Quincy McCall a real person?

How can anyone expect to get around the world without traveling? Quinch, the most widely publicized character in this century, was a British boy who traveled across the North Pole. His journey became a legend, based on the identity of the real-life Catalin Mazurka. He was an archetypal multi-dimensional child with many different personalities which helped him cope with different people.

I wonder if Quincy would have survived. The harsh realities of constant isolation if he hadn’t had such a carefree childhood. He was able to make friends, maybe make some new friends as well. That we are sometimes by nature lonely should not be looked at as a character flaw. Is Quincy McCall a real person? Well, one of the people I’ve always found it difficult to believe in is the unidentified world traveler. Who traveled around the world without being alone for a sustained period of time.

So imagine my surprise

When I was introduced to Simon Moss who seems to be Quincy’s identical twin. Moss, like a treasure hunt chaser, has taken on an online quest for the same stuff; Quinch, which some people call him, went through the same year’s online hunt with 20 million people. If you remember a similar episode of Prison Break, you may recall when T-Bones revealed T-800’s twin, David Grainger (played by Billy Burke) who was the opposite of his twin. If Quincy’s original quest for Quincy in 2017 is any indication of a future reality, then I think the Internet version of Quincy is going to be a successful, successful, search.

As we now know, Quincy is the equally famous fictional counterpart of Simon Moss, but is that really that different from the genesis of Quincy himself? Moss is from Britain, where Quincy was born, and which is where Moss thought his real twin existed. I like to imagine that at least once in his childhood, Moss was a mischievous child who just decided to wander through towns and make friends, for example, at a McDonald’s with a group of his friends.

is Quincy McCall a real person?
is Quincy McCall a real person?

And who knows what was hiding in the kitchens and bathrooms that kept him entertained

If you followed Quinch’s online journey, you know that he made friends and discovered new things just like a true adventurer who is free to roam the globe, which we can imagine Moss was in his teenage years. I think both Moss and the real Quinch have a life of their own where neither has a strict parental role model or anyone who lives close to them. I think this made it hard for Moss to grow up with conventional morals, which again has led him into one of the most mysterious internet quests of all time.

For those who don’t know what a real quest is, it is a kind of challenge that you show the entirety of the world in one go. By doing this, you are trying to catch people’s attention and catch the attention of computers to learn. Whether this is through general public interest, e-mail or other means of internet interaction is hard to tell, however, by doing this special quest to Quinch, he left behind clues, pictures, and texts which have been posted online with the world being joined together as one.

Is there any similar quest for the real Quinch that we could follow?

I think he would have made his own journey if he was still alive as Simon Moss does today. But will he still be an adventurer that goes out and explores the entire globe? How far can we reach? I mean, Simon Moss will be at the top of the mountain and I don’t think Quinch will lose all of the people and locations that we now know about him with over 20 million people contributing to his internet quest.

I guess Quinch would also be the first person to go on an online adventure not just to Quinch but to discover the secrets of outer space and the moon among many other findings. So yes, muck, I think I can say that Moss is some sort of real person. Is he the most famous since Quincy himself, however, I would never say that since Quincy is one of the most famous fictional characters ever created and gained such a lot of success, so Moss is indeed an online hero in his own right?

If you are thinking of taking part in Moss’s online quest, why not have fun? You might want to rewatch a few episodes of Prison Break to find more clues on how to get involved. Just remember to never kill the messenger.

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