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Tempo run workout half marathon

Tempo run workout half marathon
Tempo run workout half marathon

Tempo run workout half marathon

If you have been trying to lose the weight this year — just a little extra for that late December run — but are not sure of what to do or what to keep in mind, Terry Van Der Linden (paramedic, former fitness trainer, and believer in the power of run) comes to your rescue. She looks over your races and her knowledge and experience will guide you through what to expect, and what steps to take to have the most impressive and comfortable run.

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Start from the beginning

“Once you break it into specific intervals — miles for a walk, and so on — you can also build up your runs and increase the number of miles per week. It will help you measure your progress in a healthier way — by looking at heart rate, blood pressure, calories, and more,” says Van Der Linden.

We can’t leave out that one practice — running fast!

“We can’t leave the training to monitor and be guided by our gut instinct, as that practice makes us nervous. Instead, we need to monitor our own progress and keep in mind the weight loss number we want — whether it is 20 or 150 pounds.”

Run outside (very carefully, if you have allergies)

However, “I run outside most days. I do my workouts at my local park, or on trails. The toughest part is keeping out of the mid-day rain and blowing snow,” she says.

“I put my safety over my cardio performance, and eat meat that’s not fatty or cholesterol-laden, which I’m thankful for.”

Tempo run workout half marathon
Tempo run workout half marathon

Park most days (Vanderbilt University, Tennessee, Galt House, Tennessee

“And when I am eating at home, I avoid having anything processed; anything like microwave popcorn, frozen vegetables, treats that are half butter and half cookies is what I keep away from my home environment,” she adds.

On-screen nutrition

Comfort meals

“As a paramedic, I enjoy animal protein like fish and shrimp, and lean meat — really lean protein that you can prepare at home,” she says.

Stay active when you have a lot of time

Outdoor runs have flexibility — “If your phone rings when you are out for a run, let it go. If you are exercising outdoors, you can put your phone on ‘Do Not Disturb,’ or turn it off and it won’t disturb you,” she suggests.

How can you avoid the effects of people (kids, guests, friends, family, etc.) who come near you?

“In public places, keep a distance of 6-8 feet from others; if you can’t get close enough, be polite and don’t make contact; if you are alone, enjoy the scenery and the breathable air.”

  • How can you let people up close for a group exercise
  • We can’t forget about that part where others may try and get closer with us.
  • “Mind your body and mind your feet,” she says.

There are multiple heats and sports racing events from each store or fitness center. Be sure to think about what kind of condition you are running in, and how to maximize your recovery — in your sleep (avoid fast-food naps) or as long as you are warm and protected.

Place yourself in a comfortable position to work out. Getting the opportunity to get out with friends (in near-always be very strategic about leaving a handful of inches between everyone) is a great, social exercise and one which gets people talking, though, it shouldn’t preclude eating and drinking.

Tempo and Audio have a free offer for beginners on November 11th.

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