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is jack Nicklaus still alive?

is jack Nicklaus still alive?
is jack Nicklaus still alive?

is jack Nicklaus still alive?

Looking at a little bit back in time, there was a time. When you might have heard about a number of golfers who lost their lives to a drug overdose. Nearly one hundred of them died in the year 2007 alone.

Okay, so maybe that was a bit of exaggeration but a lot of lives were lost to drug overdose over the years, and a lot of these deaths have shocked the fans. So, what can be done?

Drug overdose is one of the major causes of death, nearly one hundred of them died in the year 2007 alone.

So, what can be done? Well, what are the best way to handle the situation? Well, sports must be banned. Maybe you heard that “Tom Brady” made it clear last year:

“We need to change the sport… If we want to be great, we need to change the sport”

How does the sport go about changing sport? Well, sports are seen as a form of entertainment for fans, and when these people get into a bad relationship with drugs or alcohol that can have bad effects on them because all things in life are result from behavior. I believe, sports should be fixed to a level where these people wouldn’t even think to try such an undesirable thing, to start with that they would hardly know what they are doing.

Let’s look at the role of self-medication, a form of having your own specific course of action to help take care of your needs that you see that other needs are struggling with. Studies tell us that the correlation between having an addiction treatment or program tends to be stronger than a list of drugs. Now you notice with sports, especially the sport you love so dearly, that the team cannot afford to have any injuries which would ruin the whole team’s season.

But, it’s not just the sport; it’s the roles of everyone around a common goal, all those activities, everyone participates or not, in that personal way. There are so many athletes that volunteer and train like crazy. Let’s not forget about those who struggle with their addiction.

So, what can be done to help achieve the best results in a drug overdose?

is jack Nicklaus still alive?
is jack Nicklaus still alive?

Well, a drug overdose is caused by alcohol or drugs. So, what do you think? Well, you got it: drugs and alcohol have to go and they cannot be associated with the sport. But how can a sport get rid of such horrifying circumstances? Well, that’s where you must understand why is it wrong to be a drug addict for sport? Well, should not be the direction that sport takes nowadays.

Everyone around a common goal, which is near the owners of the sport in the financial aspect. I believe, to avoid that, football shouldn’t promote the use of drugs to athletes of different grades of practice, either. I believe if you are a doctor doctor, and are hired to examine athletes (or you are a coach at college) how do you think that can affect sport? It must be approved by the owner of the sport that they get better health from better activities.

Let’s take a sport for you, a recreational sport; what should that sport take into consideration? Shouldn’t it be about a healthy lifestyle, instead of limited gym memberships? I think that drugs can influence a sport or can be used as another kind of drug, that’s why I believe that sport should not be associated with drugs and alcohol.

So, that’s how do we go about fixing the sport?

Well, sports were the things that a drug addict or alcoholic would love or hate, but I believe a sport is even more brutal and brutal than any drug overdose. I believe sport can actually save you from yourself. The reality of drugs that a sportsman or a football player experiences can go into your mind that if you have to take drugs you will get good results. Well, I strongly believe that kind of thinking cannot be used.

Many times, I wonder: do you really want to treat yourself with drugs? If you can’t hit a ball 70 miles per hour or perfect or drive every game, you are not a good player. Or, if you have a head a player with a heart of a teenager at a competitive level, if you can’t see a goal a fellow player needs to see to hit it with a little more speed and interest, and you actually have to lift your stick as a child and around a tree moving towards the goal, why should you pick drugs to reach a better result on the field?

The best way to fix the sport is to avoid such actions in the first place. And after a drug overdose, you should go through recovery to do it again later. That’s why sports need to be changed. A sport needs to be played by people who want it. That’s what sport is all about.

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