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Best UK half marathons 2022

Best UK half marathons 2022
Best UK half marathons 2022

Best UK half marathons 2022

Growing up as a teenager. I would like to remember the incredible feeling of taking part in my first half marathon. I wish that time would return to my life once more because what a magical and thrilling experience it was.

Running became more of a hobby over the years but didn’t look like becoming a regular occurrence. I enjoyed running for fun, but running never really became my #1 hobby!

In 2017, I started running on a regular basis but without much success. It just didn’t seem very interesting and at that time running felt like a social thing. Only done in small local events (unless you are part of a big event). So I didn’t pursue it as much as I thought I should!

Since then, I have have started running again as a passion.

I have been on many different runs. From running up and down the stairs of the house to getting a jogging chart of length and altitude to chasing my #grit. Since I got back running, I have been on many different running events, from a multitude of half marathons up to either marathons or sports days at the local football club.

Best UK half marathons 2022
Best UK half marathons 2022

Last month, I ran my first half marathon at 1:00 a.m. due to it being my 1-hour run to and from the UK Academy. However, the exercise itself in itself is a completely different experience.

Even before the event start, there is a lot of anticipation as you are scared that you won’t do well. You will be judged on how fast you run your race, but how long it takes you to reach the finish line and what you are feeling as you do!

However, before you finish off, if you are feeling good or even surprisingly good, but you are completely not counting down to the end, you shouldn’t because you would be too happy about achieving your goals.

You might not necessarily see the difference in performance

when you have started to run towards the end of the race compared to the start, but what you DO see is that your training really does put you in this powerful state of mind. You will be able to see the big differences in your short and long-term gains; this is for sure.

My half marathon was fast, but not breathtaking. I ran 27 km in just under 2 hours, and I feel incredibly accomplished but there is a lot to learn from this.

Although, I was a complete novice as of that night, I’ve really found myself since I got back running. I now love it so much more. I actually look forward to running, and I enjoy it as much as I did before. I couldn’t tell you how many times a day I notice the sound of the vehicle near me while running.

It’s not as normal as it might seem!

You don’t realise how happy or proud you are until you start running. You notice things that you never before noticed. A younger version of yourself wouldn’t have noticed that that every day pedestrian traffic has been really aggressive and it’s not a big deal as I’m not going to count them all up and down.

A very important thing I will tell you will give you that extra motivation to begin running again, it’s the cross-country training that counts! It’s great while you’re running a normal 5km race. You’re getting done a lot more than you are at a half marathon. There is much more support. You will be able to hear your friend laughing, you will be able to hear your shoes click off when you start to accelerate and you will get a bit of a tap to your shoulder.

As I can’t jog quite well

I have to use running more to keep myself fit. I’m not that good a jogger, but I’m a bit of a doggy-walker so it gives me a good balance and reward as well!

However, even with all the hard work I am putting into training, I have not yet seen any results. From what I can see, I’m only gaining a bit of puff from my back (gains that weren’t there before I got back running) and also to be fair my back is no longer as sore as I know it was during my hiatus. However, that’s all fine, but I want to achieve something!

Do you want to see your 3km from the last memory of it you had? Do you want to see your 0m03s from the last image you took of yourself at home before you left? Just be patient, your hard work is paying off!

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