Home Basketball Duke basketball recruiting Crystal Ball 2022

Duke basketball recruiting Crystal Ball 2022

Duke basketball recruiting Crystal Ball 2022
Duke basketball recruiting Crystal Ball 2022

Duke basketball recruiting Crystal Ball 2022

Crystal Ball 2022

Joining our Badges, Drafts, News series, we’re taking a look at the hype and results of this year’s recruitment. The initial step? Next stop…

The Process

I recommend watching a story on the well-run, and obviously successful, Michigan School Division of Athletics. While not a college basketball website. It does a great job reporting on the success (or lack thereof) of high school basketball and college recruiting.

Among other benefits, the Michigan School Division of Athletics’ reporting gives pretty well. The clear, and fairly logical explanation for the allure of the Michigan athletic environment for high school basketball players. The Michigan State athletic program with its loyal fan base does a similar job, as does OSU.

Spend some time on FanSided and you’ll understand. Why both Michigan teams that just had their diplomas on Monday were receiving so much praise from fans. Many fans couldn’t stand the disappointment of St. John’s, who fell short of the NCAA tournament. On their way out, they’ll be greeted by the expectation to perform very well.

Not only that, but fans will be hoping for only one team

Michigan State, to win the entire NCAA tournament. With superstars from Michigan high schools such as Cass Tech and Flint Northern, they’re both expected to perform well in the tournament as well.

Duke basketball recruiting Crystal Ball 2022
Duke basketball recruiting Crystal Ball 2022

While the fan base of the Michigan Athletic scene is phenomenal, there are plenty of other factors that can significantly impact how high school basketball teams perform. Athletes who have special talents such as Rashad Vaughn, Kyrie Irving, and Steph Curry are just a few of the iconic high school basketball players in history.


For any of Michigan’s own high school basketball teams, there are a number of local factors that have a direct impact on their chances. As such, the options are extensive, and the tradeoffs are endless.

For some high school teams

Their success is directly tied to their community’s support and financial contributions. For Michigan basketball teams — who also have to contend with the state’s ever-growing cost of living challenge — the annual culture conflict can be tough to manage.

Incoming players won’t want to live among their high school teammates who are just a few dollars away from living decently in their freshman year. On the flip side, transferring players are coming from our own high school basketball programs and families who can’t afford to move locations quickly enough.

Not only that, there are the very young recruits trying to take that first step from that “water hole to the river bottom.” While it may be a better opportunity than that of the NCAA, the players are still using their college options wisely, making a choice that’s equal to the decision they were making six months ago.

Throughout the entire process, as well as the destination that the players find themselves in, we’ll have to stay skeptical because of the intricacies of high school basketball. Many factors just don’t align with the rest of the college recruiting world.

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