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London half marathons 2022

London half marathons 2022
London half marathons 2022

London half marathons 2022

As one of the most iconic sports events of the year. Sporting events drive the economy and tourism in both the UK and China. What better way to contribute to economic recovery for a region than to engage in healthy competitions such as the half marathon? Joining a marathon in London involves time, energy, willpower, and motivation. Half marathons similarly require this amount of dedication. It is a great exercise for the mind and body.

The London Marathon has become a UK tradition since it started in 1981. After more than three decades of growth, the 2018 event will raise money for “Umar”. One of the UK’s most critically ill military veterans. Mark the 25th anniversary of London’s hosting of the Olympic Games. A total of 35,000 competitors are expected to run. The course over a 3.2-mile course in May and their costs will add up to £50million. Last year’s event raised over £13million for organizations fighting a range of illnesses, charitable causes, and charities.

London will welcome a total of 10,000 runners and walkers to its Hyde Park on the evening of Saturday 25th May. Races are set to take place in five separate locations around the city, including The Strand, Monument Park, The Mall, Runway, and Westbourne Grove. The early closing time of 10:00 is ideal for participants as it keeps a safe environment for their family and friends to enjoy the race, yet also ensures the tournament carries on.

A truly iconic event

London half marathons 2022
London half marathons 2022

London’s course changes every year to maintain the course. It all starts at Zetland Pl in Poplar and finishes at St. Paul’s. The pandemic will put a dampener on London’s classic shape, yet these tough measures will ensure the event goes ahead. One of the flagship venues for the event will be Greenwich Park.

There, runners will face the completed 5.2 mile course, in which many Olympic distance and distances will have been added to the event. The course starts in the park and will culminate on Dauntless Bridge, near the bridge. Four stages will take place along the route: initial split, semi-final, final split, and final break. The semi-final will start in St James Park and spectators will be permitted to attend but there will be limits in place.

The final sprint down the Thames is still in doubt as the UK does not have a vaccine yet. But regardless of the results of the vaccine roll-out, most of the races will be held indoors, but organisers have been keen to welcome spectators to the event.

If you are tempted to sign up for the race

Please do so. Registration for the London Marathon 2019 will close at midnight on Friday 21st April. It will then run for a week in May and finish off the weekend of the 25th.

Due to the current circumstances in the UK, London must operate under the current safe levels of social distancing and protocols. People who do not feel safe should avoid the event and their attendance will make it difficult for the public to enjoy the race.

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