Home Drawing Pencil shading drawing easy girl 2022

Pencil shading drawing easy girl 2022

Pencil shading drawing easy girl 2022
Pencil shading drawing easy girl 2022

Pencil shading drawing easy girl 2022

There was something interesting about drawing. I remember the story of an old woman in my late teens who used to draw pencil shading on paper when she sat with me while I studied for her exams and then later kept the drawings she had made. She also found out that, among all other things, pencil shading is best. Her name was Mrs. Mary Jig. The picture below shows some of her drawings. I am sure you know what’s going on with them now. We need at least one more thing like this and I do hope it can help us get some better grades. In that regard, here is another article from the same writer. What we saw is beautiful, but it was not easy to understand until today.

I’m sure you know how important it was for me to learn to use pens. If not sure, here are two articles for the best explanation available. One shows why we should draw. It also explains why we should keep our drawings. Well, it’s all these reasons, so let’s go through them.


1. Using Drawings When Studying Is Better Than Writing


When I studied for my economics exams, I remember drawing sketches under our pen. This method helped me to focus on the topics. I also learned that writing works great because it enables one to put his emotions aside and focus only on the facts. However, many people argue that drawings were the main form of study. Those against using drawings argued that they are too time-consuming and difficult to copy. Those who advocated for their use wrote: “Drawing is easier than handwriting in most cases.”


2. Use Of Pencil Shading For Students


Pencil shading drawing easy girl 2022
Pencil shading drawing easy girl 2022

There were times when I would get frustrated because my teacher said if I failed to use a pencil shading in class it would affect my grade. I never understood how can she be wrong and still insist that it is the fault of others. But I believe I am talking about the best way to improve your grades. You may wonder is all this arguing that drawing is bad? Just think back to the girl who drew her paper. Are any of those other teachers saying or writing down the same thing? Let us not forget the ones who want students to write in essay format. They have nothing to do in the world of academic writing. I do not believe that anyone says the same thing. So, the use of drawings has proved itself to be the best. Why not use it in class as well?


3. Learn To Draw From Someone Else


This may seem obvious, but it really is not so. Some people even take pride in a skill that requires reading. Others don’t like the idea to read from someone else’s experience. Whatever the case may be, it doesn’t matter because a good book is always worth a good paper. As a consequence, I believe I can tell you a story about a middle-aged man who did not read a single page of literature before he graduated from university. He became a famous doctor. Then, to support himself, after studying for years, the man started drawing. He used to buy books or drawings to draw from people. His drawings were almost as good as his knowledge. Now, he starts earning much higher wages and getting away from real work. Many other artists like him who draws are just beginning now.


4. Prewriting Can Be A Good Thing Too!


This one makes no sense at all. Yes, it can! Learning to paint is a wonderful thing and it is definitely not a waste of time to try learning how to make it work. All of us need to have basic skills. The reason is that we are able to start from scratch and develop them. So let’s stop thinking that painting can be bad. Everyone should start withdrawing. Prewriting can be a good thing too. It does not always mean doing useless stuff on social media and online websites. You cannot learn anything except by doing it yourself. Do you want to become a professional painter? Read this helpful article. Your own experiences may prove useful. So give it a try.

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